Photography Featured On EyeEm Blog: Week 26 2014

Photography Featured in EyeEm Blog Week 26

I’ve been using EyeEm for a few months now and I am really in love with it. This is why I am again excited to share with you all that one of my photos has made it to their weekly blog.

Many of you will know that not only have I been featured on their blog twice before but I was also a featured photographer for June. So I’ve been featured on the blog again, what’s the big deal?

Like I already mentioned, I’m a huge fan of EyeEm so being featured is always thrilling. Could you imagine how good it would feel to see your work on the wall of your favourite hangout place or gallery? That’s how it feels for me to be featured.

Below is the photo that was featured alongside the other incredible photos in their week 26 blog post. You can check out the previous features here – week 21

Jade looking out at the Singapore Flyer and Gardens by the Bay