Photography Featured In The EyeEm World Tour Exhibition 2014-2015


The EyeEm World Tour 2014-2015 is now well under way with the photographic exhibition visiting cities across the globe. Showcasing a new generation of innovative photographers the world tour will bring with it a selection of beautiful imagery from the EyeEm community.

As part of the collection the EyeEm Awards 2014 finalists will also be featured – which means that my image (below) will have officially visited more countries that I have by the end of 2015!

EyeEm Finalist 2014-Cambodia

This image, together with others from the EyeEm collection, will join the traveling exhibition and will make it’s appearance in San Fransisco, Toronto, Berlin, Tokyo and more.

EyeEm Tour 2014-2015 World Map
Image via

To find out more about the tour and see if it is coming to your city, check the official EyeEm World Tour 2014-2015 page.

See the complete list of photographers [pdf] who are part of The 2014 EyeEm Awards Exhibition.

I’m sure I can’t be the only one to experience this; have you ever had something you created visit more countries than you.