Photography Featured On EyeEm Blog: Week 48 2014

Photography Featured in EyeEm Blog Week 48

You see them everywhere in the world we live in… From billboards to magazines,websites and Instagram – photos are everywhere. We are exposed to thousands of high quality images each day, so you might think that we could recognise a good photo, right?


At least for me anyway! I was recently going sorting through the beast that is iPhoto to try and bring some order to my collections of snapshots and family photos [side note: my iPhoto library is still a mess. I’m looking forward to the new Photos for OS X app] when I decided to get rid of some images that weren’t really special and worth keeping.

Blurred shots out of car windows, food from above with bad lighting, random textures and patterns. You know the kind I mean.

As I was going through them I came across a bunch of photos of trees and nature – because hey, who doesn’t like taking photos of nature? As I went through them I thought to myself ‘what was I thinking?’ and added them to the trash.

A few weeks before I got an email from Totally Rad offering a steep discount on their awesome products, so I took the plunge and bought their Radlab software.

I came across one photo of tree tops and squinted at it a little bit. ‘Nothing special’ I thought. But… Ah yes, but if I put it into Radlabs and added some of their easy filters maybe it could be something?

It took me about 30 seconds and 3 clicks to turn the image from ‘kind of boring’ to totally rad.

For me, there was only one way that this image would be interesting and that was to edit it in a way that it would make the Tumblr crowd go wild. High contrast, faded image of nature… It was so Tumblr it hurt.

The funny thing was that it actually turned out to be a really nice image, and one of my favourites, but I almost didn’t give it a chance.

The EyeEm community loved the image – as a community they are in fact very similar to the Tumblr crowd – and the photo was featured on the EyeEm blog week 48.

I learnt an important lesson that day: With the right tools and a little bit of love it is really possible to make an photo.

So, am I the only one or do you have a story about almost giving up on a photo too?